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Chen Hui Jing

Developer Advocate

Chen Hui Jing is a self-taught designer and developer living in Singapore, with an inordinate love for CSS, as evidenced by her blog, that is mostly about CSS, and her tweets, which are largely about typography and the web. Reducing lines of code in her web projects makes her extremely happy. She used to play basketball full-time and launched her web career during downtime between training sessions. Hui Jing is currently a Developer Advocate (or Avocado, whichever you like) for Nexmo, focusing on growing developer engagement around the APAC region.

Reflections from a child of the web.

The web is dead. The web is not dead. It seems that people cannot seem to make up their minds about the state of the web. However, I have a steadfast belief that the web is still relevant, and will continue to be. Let me pose this question instead, what does the web mean to you? If you are reading this talk abstract, odds are the web is an integral part of your daily work. Most of us will have different experiences of how we encountered the web, and how we came to make it our careers. Such a variety of origin stories, but we have all been connected by this fascinating medium.

I am a child of the web, and this is my story.


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